Auto Insurance

You know you have to have automobile insurance. You also know that it can be very expensive. In fact, aside from the vehicle itself, insurance is the largest cost to car owners in the state of Michigan. Discounts and low rates may exist out there, but finding them can be very difficult. That is where Magee Insurance Group can help. We have devoted agents who will partner with you to find every way possible to save you money without skimping on coverage. Some possible discounts we will check for you include anti-theft, safe driving record, student, homeowner, bundled insurance and proof of prior insurance.

You can try our online quote tool to quickly and easily some of the options available. If you want a more in-depth look, call or visit one of our agents. Laws governing automobile insurance convolute pricing and limitations. For example: Michigan requires that all policies be no-fault insurance plans. This entitles everyone in a collision to certain amounts of medical coverage, but it also requires state specific fees. When you consider that this is one law out of pages, you can see the advantages of expert advice.

We ‘re ready to take care of you from start to finish. Our goal is to make this a process where you can sit back and relax while our agents handle the entire burden. We ‘ll plainly lay all of your options before you so you will know exactly what your coverage entails and exactly where the money is going. The best way to empower your purchasing is with knowledge. We want to provide you with the professional, expert-level knowledge that can guarantee you are getting the best options and the most for your money. Talk to one of our agents today and enjoy the peace of mind that proper insurance coverage is supposed to supply.